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Adel Emam

Adel Emam

Adel Emam (sometimes credited as: Adel Imam),
(Arabic: عادل إمام), born May 17, 1940, is a
popular Egyptian movie and stage actor. He is primarily
a comedian, but he has starred in more serious works
and, especially early in his earlier films, combined
comedy with romance.

He earned a
Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture from Cairo University.
Since then he has appeared in over 100 movies and 10
plays. He is probably the most famous actor in the Arab
World. He has received critical and popular praise
throughout his career. Short, slight, and with a face
seemingly more appropriate a character actor than a
leading man -- let alone a star whose career has
flourished since the late sixties -- Adel Imam is able
to portray characters from all social strata and

His roles have displayed a
wide range of humor including slapstick, farce, and
even the occasional double entendre. His characters
tend to be down on their luck rising above powerful
outside pressures. This has proved an extremely
resilient type in the Arab World.

January 2000, the United Nations appointed him as a
Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR. Since then, he has
worked tirelessly for the cause of refugees.


In 2005, he starred in Sifaara fil'Aimara
(Embassy in the Building), playing a Cairene everyman
inconvenienced when the Embassy of Israel moves into
his apartment building.

In 2006, he
appeared as one of the many stars of The Yacoubian
Building, a film reputed to be the highest-budgeted in
Egyptian cinema and adapted from the novel of the same
name. The story is a sharp look contemporary Egyptian
life through the prism of a faded downtown Cairo
apartment building. Emam portrays an aging roué whose
misadventures form a central strand of the film's
complex narrative.

Emam is married
and has four children, the young director Rami Imam,
Sarah Emam who is married to the son of the Muslim
Brotherhood Leader Mahdi Akef , and lastly Mohamed Imam
who is currently studying at The American University in
Cairo who also starred in the movie Yacoubian Building
as Taha Shazli. He is the brother of Esam Imam and
Saleh Imam. His brother-in-law is the late actor
Mustafa Metwalli. As Adel Emam stated in his latest
talk show with the host Hala Sarhan, Amin Shalaby and
Younes Shalaby are considered his best friends since


Ana wa Hua
wa Hiia (1964).
El Ragol da hai Ganini (1967).

El Khouroug min El Guana (1967).
Zawgaty (1967).
Kayfa Tesrak Millionaire (1968).

Helwa wa Shakia (1968).
Hekayet Thalass Banat
Ana Al Doctor (1968).
Afrit Merati
Afrah (1968).
Bahth An Fadiha, al-
Katel Ma Katelsh had (1979).
Laken Aghbiya' (1980).
Ala Bab El Wazir (1982).

Harrif, El (1983).
Al Fankoosh
Hata la
yatir al dokhan.
El Halfoot.
El Motasawel.

Ragab Foq Safeeh
Salam Ya Sahbi
Al Taghroba
Al Danimarkia
Imarat Yaakoubian
Aariss Men Giha
Morgan Ahmad Morgan
El Sifara Fi El
Al Irhabi
Amir Al Zalam
El Wad
Mahrous Bitah Al Wazir
Bikhit Wi Adila
El Noom
Fi el Aassal
Tyoor El Zalam

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